venerdì 20 febbraio 2015

Dress fortunata mesh & Shoes piccarda & Gift Heart Jewelry Set

Ale1969 Resident
DRESS--- ..\..MiSsY.sTyLe./.. fortunata mesh
for marketplace  ..\..MiSsY.sTyLe./..
SHOES--->..\..MiSsY.sTyLe./.. piccarda 
Only for mesh  slink feet HIGH. Feet not included.
for marketplace ..\..MiSsY.sTyLe./.. 
JEWELRY--->Beloved Jewelry : (Gift #2 2015) Heart Jewelry Set
for store Beloved Jewelry

mercoledì 18 febbraio 2015

'Upload' - MagicEvent NightDress

Ale1969 Resident
DRESS--->'Upload' - MagicEvent NightDress
MagicEvent NightDress
a Magic NightDress for all your MagicEvents and Special Moments!
Enjoy our so beautiful dress made with HD Quality Textures!
100% pure MESH
Contents: - MagicEvent NightDress ( 5 Sizes )
- MagicEvent NightDress Alpha - MagicEvent NightDress Alpha 2
DRESS and DEMO for marketplace '\\Upload//'

lunedì 16 febbraio 2015

* Stelloane Zahra mesh dress for Olala Fashion Event & *Siria'sDesign* for 98th Designer Circle Event

Ale1969 Resident
DRESS--->* Stelloane  Zahra mesh dress 
SHOES--->*Siria'sDesign* for 98th Designer Circle Event
Pack contains 3 pair of shoes.
Add your shoes and edit if you need. This model is copy and mody. 
Only for mesh  slink feet FLAT. Feet not included.

giovedì 12 febbraio 2015

..\..MiSsY.sTyLe./..fiorina mesh & Beloved Jewelry : Room69 Duchess Set February 2015

Ale1969 Resident
DRESS--->..\..MiSsY.sTyLe./..fiorina mesh
for marketplace ..\..MiSsY.sTyLe./..
JEWELRY--->Room69 Duchess Set February 2015
Beloved Jewelry : Duchess Jewelry Set (Texture Change, Partial Mesh)
* 12 Metal Choices * 12 Gemstone Choices
* 12 Gemstone Choices for the Center Drop Gem.
69L Set.Available until February 20, 2015.

venerdì 6 febbraio 2015

AsHmOoT_AW Coll_Outfit #30 [BOXED] & AsHmOoT_Hair Coll_Michi HC/ DrK BrowN [BOXED]

Ale1969 Resident
COMPLETE OUTFIT--->AsHmOoT_AW Coll_Outfit #30 [BOXED] & AsHmOoT_Hair Coll_Michi HC/ DrK BrowN [BOXED]
for event THE HIPSTER FAIR ►Feb, 01.2015   ------> Feb, 15-2015

mercoledì 4 febbraio 2015

martedì 3 febbraio 2015

Beloved Jewelry Copper & Sapphire Earrings & Stelloane Lulu all colors

Ale1969 Resident
JEWELRY--->Beloved Jewelry : Copper & Sapphire Earrings
Two piece jewelry set includes: 
Dangle Earrings 
Copper and Sapphire Necklace (resizer version included)
1 linden only! (no transfer)
Dress--->* Stelloane Lulu all colors
for store Stelloane

domenica 1 febbraio 2015

'Upload' - BigHeart Overall

Ale1969 Resident
DRESS--->'Upload' - BigHeart Overall 
Concept: a Not symmetrical Overall (jeans) with skirt and over 
a T-Shirt with a BigHeart!
HD Testures (realistic sensation!)
100% Pure MESH
- BigHeart Overall ( 5 Sizes )
- BigHeart Overall Alpha
Dress and demo for marketplace 'Upload'